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Polhov Gradec is picturesque village in the Polhograjsko hribovje hills. In its old city centre stands the Baroque Church of Mary’s Birth, built in 1736.

Polhograjska grascina

On a nearby hill Gora (824 m) settlements reach as far back as the Iron Age, while in Roman times a settlement Ad Nonum stood close by.

On the hill Kalvarija (460 m) old castle ruins can be seen. The new castle, designed in 17th century, is surrounded by a beautiful park and stands in by the village in the valley. Here is also a local museum's permanent collection with objects related to the history of Polhov Gradec and the Technical Museum of Slovenia - Museum of Post and Telecommunications. A well with the statue of Neptun and four nymphs stands by the castle.

Around Polhov Gradec a botanical speciality can be found, spurge laurel (Daphne blagayana), a rare kind of mountain plant, known also as the king’s flower, discovered right here. A monument for the king’s plant stands at the foothills of Gora, raised by the Count Ursini Blagaj, who lived in Polhov Gradec between 1808 and 1858.

Polhov Gradec

Vabljeni v Blagajevo deželo.