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Share your postcards from #CentralSlovenia. Take part in the #CentralSlovenia Instagram challenge organized by Ljubljana Tourism (@visitljubljana) and @igslovenia, the most influential Slovenian Instagram community.

Where is Central Slovenia?

Ljubljana, the hidden gem of Europe, is surrounded by the picturesque yet still mostly undiscovered region of Central Slovenia. For a relatively small area, Central Slovenia reflects a lot of diversity and amazing nature, two qualities for which Slovenia is generally famous.

How to take part in #CentralSlovenia Instagram challenge?

Central Slovenia is composed of 25 municipalities, one of which is Ljubljana, but take note: in this challenge we will accept only the rarely glimpsed Ljubljana motives outside the city centre.

So basically, for this challenge you will need to explore beyond the city limits to discover the hidden beauty of the Central Slovenia.

Instagram photos are as inspiring as postcards once have been. Great photos from you are what we are looking for.

To take part in the joint challenge by by @visitljubljana and @igslovenia you would need to:

  • post your photos from the locations in Central Slovenia and tag them with #CentralSlovenia hashtag (you can tag your old photos as well),
  • follow @visitljubljana and @igslovenia,
  • send your postcards to your friends – tag them in your post
  • send postcards from others – tag your friends in the posts of #CentralSlovenia you like.

P.S. You can tag your old photos as well.

Rules of the challenge


1. Featured postcards from #CentralSlovenia

The best postcards under the #CentralSlovenia hashtag will be reposted daily on the profiles @igslovenia and @visitljubljana. Featured photos will be posted daily for one Month starting with 3 May 2017.

2. Most active explorers of #CentralSlovenia

The most active #CentralSlovenia explorers will receive t-shirts (pictured above). That means those of you posting the most #CentralSlovenia postcards and/or tagging the largest number of your friends.

3. #CentralSlovenia postcard of the month

The author of the postcard of the month, selected by a jury of Slovenian IG photographers will be awarded by the selection takeover of @igslovenia for one week! The selected photo will be chosen among those reposted by @igslovenia and @visitljubljana.

Follow what's happening at @visitljubljana and @igslovenia and start exploring the beautiful #CentralSlovenia

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