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Velike Lašče lies in a vivid karst forest region.


Around it ruins of prehistoric settlements and Roman defence wall (Claustra Alpium Iuliarum) protecting the empire from the barbarians were found.

Lašče developed from a larger farming property, first mentioned in 1145. in 1913 Velike Lašče became a square. The town with its surroundings is known as the cradle of Slovenian culture, since many Slovenian artists, among them Primož Trubar, Fran Levstik and Josip Stritar, were born. The latter two have memorial rooms in Velike Lašče. In Rašica, the birthplace of Primož Trubar, the founder of the Slovene literary language, many items related to him and his time, are at display.

Near Velike Lašče the grad Turjak / the Castle Jablje is especially worth a visit. The area boasts with untouched nature and numerous karst characteristics (waterfalls, abysses and disappearing rivers) and hiking routs. The European hiking routes E6 and E7 cross close to Velike Lašče.