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The town of Vodice is situated on the more or less rural area of the Ljubljana Basin halfway between Ljubljana and the Jože Pučnik Airport in Brnik.


Vodice is surrounded by villages and hamlets, along which you can admire the numerous Baroque churches that stand on low hilltops or take a walk in one of the many nice and easily accessible forests.

An important cultural heritage monument is the St. Nicholas Church in Zapoge, which prides itself upon one of the oldest organs in Slovenia. In the ancient village of Repnje, first mentioned in 1154, you can visit its renovated church enclosed by a defensive wall, which was built during the Ottoman incursion.

The culinary specialty of Vodice is the pretzel. The bakery Jagodic from Vodice has been making this hard, crunchy and salty knot-shaped pastry since 1932. In the village of Skaručna, which is famous for its gourmet restaurant that bears the name of the village, you can start your ascent to the Šmarna gora hill. This trail is slightly more difficult than the others but it is also less populated. The Šmarna gora hill is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Central Slovenia region. The hilltop is occupied by a popular restaurant and the Church of the Mother of God.