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Discover a different side to Ljubljana. Allow us to introduce you to some of the socially and environmentally responsible initiatives that not only provide solutions to social and environmental challenges, but also authentic local experiences.

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When you hit the streets of Ljubljana, which proudly bears the title of the European Green Capital 2016, you will be able to convince yourself about the local residents' relaxed lifestyle and about how much the quality of life means to everyone. This is to a large extent due to a considerable number of local initiatives and projects whose common theme is the care for the environment and vulnerable social groups. Thanks to these projects, working in the fields of hospitality, fair trade, co-working, reuse, recycling, and several others, Ljubljana is a city whose soul is getting greener every day.

In Ljubljana, you can find restaurants where you can taste excellent local food prepared and served by people who are difficult to employ or have special needs, cafés where you can enjoy truly delicious fair trade coffee, and shops where you can buy highly original recycled products and lovingly restored second-hand objects.

During the summer months, you can attend a multitude of open-air events aimed at bringing life to certain neighbourhoods or visit open-air markets, where you can get anything from art works to second-hand goods and, occasionally, produce from urban gardens.

In the background of the story of Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016, is the activity of a local community of socially and environmentally conscious organizations and businesses offering experiences in a responsible way.