Things to do

Ljubljana and Central Slovenia, with their wealth of cultural and historical sites, scenic countryside and stunning nature spots, offer an opportunity to enjoy an active holiday along with good food and a variety of vibrant events.

  • 10 Ljubljana’s top attractions

    10 Ljubljana’s top attractions

    Ljubljana is a picturesque city, whose image has been marked by different periods of history. We present the ten top attractions of Ljubljana.

  • Outdoor fairs in Ljubljana

    Outdoor fairs in Ljubljana

    A visit to the old city centre of Ljubljana on a sunny day offers you a perfect opportunity to do some shopping at the Central Market or an outdoor fair.

  • Cycling around Ljubljana

    Cycling around Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is the cyclists’ idea of a city. Cycling as a mode of transport is increasingly popular and the city is constantly expanding its network of cycling paths as part of its efforts for sustainable development.

  • Street food in Ljubljana

    Street food in Ljubljana

    Visit Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) each Friday at the Ljubljana Central Market and enjoy the diversity of tastes. Typical of Ljubljana's street food scene are also a strong Balkan influence and, of course, the ever present burgers.

  • Ljubljana, city of dragons

    Ljubljana, city of dragons

    The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and has pride of place on the city coat of arms and on the Dragon Bridge. Read on to find out why Ljubljana is the city of dragons.

  • Summer festivals in Ljubljana

    Summer festivals in Ljubljana

    In addition to the Ljubljana Festival, which marks every summer with top artistic events, a number of interesting festivals take place. A lot of them are free and happen outdoors.