The France Mihelič Gallery

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One of the most respectable is Kašča (the Garner), which has always been a part if the city walls. Its original version stood here already before the 1511 earthquake. This was, beside the castle, the most important administrative building in the city, intended to store tax. It was managed by a special Bishop’s official. Today Kašča serves as a permanent gallery for the academic painter Franc Mihelič, while the cellar offers a tavern and a wine bar.

Opening hours

Tours are possible based on prior arrangement.


Information: Loški Museum (tel. +386 (0)4 517 04 00) or Pivnica Kašča (tel. +386 (0)4 512 43 00).

Spodnji trg 1 4220 Škofja Loka

Phone: + 386 (0)4 517 04 00
Fax: + 386 (0)4 517 04 12

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