• Clubs and nightlife

    Clubs and nightlife

    Looking for some fun and entertainment? Ljubljana is a place where you can be sure to find something to enjoy. You can dance to various styles of music and socialize or simply sit around and watch other people party. On a night out you can easily wander from pubs to clubs and have fun.

  • Fun activities and games in Ljubljana

    Fun activities and games in Ljubljana

    Ljubljana really has a lot to offer to lovers of fun activities. Popular escape rooms, which are among the best in the world, treasure hunt games, a museum of illusions and cat cafe are only some of the things you should not miss.

  • Family experiences

    Family experiences

    Ljubljana and Central Slovenia make a perfect setting for family holidays. The range of experiences on offer is diverse and extraordinary.

  • Let's have a beer in Ljubljana!

    Let's have a beer in Ljubljana!

    Ljubljana has a huge amount to offer beer lovers. Its range of places to eat is complemented by a rich choice of taverns, pubs, and other catering outlets and specialized shops offering beer.

  • Open air events

    Open air events

    Free open air events are one of the particularities of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia.

  • Outdoor cafés in Ljubljana

    Outdoor cafés in Ljubljana

    As soon as the first warm rays of spring sunshine reach the streets of Ljubljana, the local residents begin to get together in large numbers at the city's countless cafés and bars with outdoor seating and cool shade.

  • Social dancing in Ljubljana

    Social dancing in Ljubljana

    Ljubljana is a city with a highly developed dance culture and social dancing is a popular way of spending free time. Local dance schools have produced a number of world champions, particularly in ballroom and Latin dancing.

  • Wellness and relaxation

    Wellness and relaxation

    Central Slovenia, rich in natural resources, is well known for its healthy climate and a good offering of leisure and wellness facilities.

  • Ljubljana, a LGBT-friendly city

    Ljubljana, a LGBT-friendly city

    Visit Ljubljana, an open and friendly city with a relaxed atmosphere where people know how to enjoy life. Explore a city whose very name, sounding similar to the Slovenian word for 'beloved', brings to mind love.

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