Clubs and nightlife

Looking for some fun and entertainment? Ljubljana is a place where you can be sure to find something to enjoy. You can dance to various styles of music and socialize or simply sit around and watch other people party. On a night out you can easily wander from pubs to clubs and have fun.

Most of the parties and late-night entertainment in Ljubljana take place at the end of the week. The most popular night to hit the town is Friday night, when party people of all ages occupy the city's trendy late-night bars and clubs. At night, even a number of peaceful daytime cafés turn into vibrant party venues hosting DJs. A perfect location to begin a night out is Centralna postaja, whose name translates as 'Central Station' and which for many turns out to be the only destination on a party night.

From popular mainstream venues to genre-specific clubs

What a lot of people seeking entertainment on weekends are after are opportunities for relaxed socializing and meeting new people, while the music played at the venue is not of such major importance. For entertainment seekers like this, the choice is easy as they can choose from a large number of bars and mainstream clubs playing a broad repertoire of popular music. Some of the venues where the crowd is big and the vibe is good include the Klub Cirkus, and Top Six Club.

If rock is your choice of music, take a walk to Orto bar, which provides musical entertainment in the ground floor bar room and in an upper-floor room with a stage and dance floor, where concerts are played occasionally. To enjoy electronic dance music, visit Klub K4, which has been in existence for over 25 years. Genre-specific musical entertainment is also provided by Ljubljana's jazz and ethnic music clubs.

Underground partying

The place where you can get the fullest picture of Ljubljana's underground culture is Metelkova, once the city's largest squat, which has developed into one of Europe's best known centres of independent artistic activity. Its numerous clubs, which the locals hit at around midnight, give you an opportunity to party until early in the morning. Interesting concerts of all styles of underground music, club nights with Slovenian and international DJs, LGBTQ clubs, and reasonably priced drinks attract large crowds, especially on good weather days, when a lot of socializing is done outside the clubs, across the Metelkova complex. Definitely a unique experience for any visitor to Ljubljana.

So let the party begin!

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