Experiences on the Ljubljanica

The Ljubljanica River is much more than just a river flowing through Ljubljana. It played a major role in the city’s past and today it offers exciting and relaxing experiences for people of all ages and interests. Find the activity which suits you best!

The Ljubljanica is the green vein of Ljubljana. This river, only 41 kilometres long and flowing from Vrhnika, through Ljubljana, and soon after into the Sava River, has an exceptional historic and cultural significance. Its riverbed is one of the most important archaeological sites in Slovenia. From Roman times until the establishment of the railway in the mid-19th century, the Ljubljanica was the main trade and supply route.

Nowadays, the banks of the Ljubljanica are picturesque promenades, which are also meeting and socialising points. All of the bridges spanning the river are interesting architecturally. They join people symbolically and literally, and street artists also find inspiration there, making the city even livelier and more attractive.

However, the Ljubljanica with its bridges is much more than just photogenic. It offers unique experiences which you simply must try. Take a stand-up paddle tour from Špica, which is a pleasant meeting place on sunny days, towards the city centre and see the city bustle from a different perspective. Stand-up paddling down the Ljubljanica River is definitely an exciting water experience. If you are interested in the view from the water, but would rather enjoy it from the comfort of a boat, there are several possibilities. Tourist boats offer regular guided or unguided cruises.

A very special experience is a relaxing rowing trip from the peaceful Ljubljana Marshes to the city centre of Ljubljana. While rowing on a quiet river, you will discover the diverse flora and fauna in and by the river. Rowing equipment, transfer and guidance will be provided, the only thing you need is some time for yourself and for taking a break in nature.

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