Green tours and activities in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a city in touch with nature committed to putting in place advanced measures for sustainable development. In this section, you can find information about guided tours and activities that best reflect its green soul.

Ljubljana offers a range of popular local experiences that are hard to imagine anywhere else. You can explore it by bicycle or glide down the river running through the heart of its city centre on a stand-up paddleboard.

Local culinary offerings, brought together under the brand name Taste Ljubljana, are characterized by the use of locally sourced and, in some cases, organic ingredients. Ljubljana is home to an array of local initiatives and projects based on the principles of social entrepreneurship, fair trade, and recycling, including restaurants providing jobs to people who are difficult to employ.

Local residents greatly enjoy outdoor pursuits such as hiking and cycling, which are also hugely popular elsewhere in Slovenia. Treat yourself to active trips to Ljubljana's surrounding areas and enjoy their scenic beauty and traditional hospitality.

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