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  • Don’t miss the November Gourmet culinary festival in Ljubljana

    Don’t miss the November Gourmet culinary festival in Ljubljana

    In Ljubljana, autumn is the season for enjoying delicious food and fine wine. The first culinary festivals and other events already start in September and October, while November is dedicated to the November Gourmet festival.

  • Taste Ljubljana

    Taste Ljubljana

    Go for the local flavours! Within the framework of the Taste Ljubljana project, selected restaurants offer the traditional dishes of Ljubljana, which are made from local ingredients and prepared by using modern cooking methods.

  • Taste Central Slovenia

    Taste Central Slovenia

    Go for the local flavours! On your trip to the Central Slovenian region, you can enjoy Slovene cuisine in its authentic environment - in traditional village pubs and on homesteads.

  • Slovenian cuisine

    Slovenian cuisine

    Slovenian cuisine is colourful and diverse. Get to know the typical dishes and restaurants where you can taste them.

  • Slovenian wines

    Slovenian wines

    Even though Central Slovenia is not a wine-growing region, Ljubljana has been awarded the international title of a "City of Vine and Wine", and that is no coincidence.

  • Ljubljana's bistros

    Ljubljana's bistros

    The culinary diversity of Ljubljana can also be experienced at numerous small restaurants and bistros offering a wide and varied choice of food and good wines.

  • Street food in Ljubljana

    Street food in Ljubljana

    Visit Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) each Friday at the Ljubljana Central Market and enjoy the diversity of tastes. Typical of Ljubljana's street food scene are also a strong Balkan influence and, of course, the ever present burgers.

  • Diversity of sweet delights

    Diversity of sweet delights

    In Central Slovenia you can taste an immensely varied choice of delicious sweet treats, from superb cakes and other confections available from the renowned cake shops to sweet delights typical of Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.

  • Ljubljana Quality: The Best Restaurants

    Ljubljana Quality: The Best Restaurants

    Learn about the best that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of gastronomy. Check out the restaurants that have been rated as the best by local experts and awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

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