Diversity of sweet delights

In Central Slovenia you can taste an immensely varied choice of delicious sweet treats, from superb cakes and other confections available from the renowned cake shops to sweet delights typical of Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.

In Ljubljana and its surrounding areas, you can find plenty of cake shops and other establishments where you can taste or buy traditional Slovenian sweet treats such as doughnuts, deep-fried pastries called 'flancati', 'potica' and 'štruklji' rolls with different fillings, and various 'gibanica' layer cakes. The best doughnuts are made in the village of Trojane, excellent Prekmurje layer cake is available right in the centre of Ljubljana, delicious 'potica' rolls with a walnut or estragon filling can be purchased at Ljubljana's Central Market, and really good 'štruklji' rolls can be savoured on the Velika Planina high mountain plateau.

The desserts traditionally served in the capital notably include Ljubljana cottage cheese pancakes and Ljubljana strudel, which are served by a number of restaurants. Another popular dessert, whose origin can be traced to Germany, are 'kremšnita' cream cakes. They are available from most of Ljubljana's cake shops, but probably the best are those prepared by Slaščičarna Lenček, a renowned cake shop located in the small town of Domžale.

A recipe for a dessert representative of Ljubljana as a meeting point of several Slovenian regions has recently been developed in Ljubljana. This dessert, called Ljubljana cake, combines traditional culinary knowledge with a modern approach to the use of ingredients typical of different Slovenian regions: various squashes, chestnuts, honey, buckwheat, and figs. The creators of the cake have also developed a macaroon sold under the name of 'Kiss from Ljubljana'. 

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