Fast food and street food

The culinary variety of a city is perhaps best reflected in the choice of fast food and street food on offer. Ljubljana, whose fast food is most obviously influenced by Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine, is no exception in this regard.

Just like in other cities across the world, Ljubljana has several successful McDonalds and Burger King restaurants, but the local fast-food scene mainly owes its character to a countless number of small takeaway restaurants and street stalls offering flavours from around the world.

The most popular street food is definitely burek, a filled pastry made with a thin and flaky filo dough, whose origin can be traced to Turkey. In Ljubljana, a Slovenian version of burek has recently become available. Its filling is made with cottage cheese, cabbage, and the ingredients of the Carniolan sausage, Central Slovenia's best known traditional food.

Ljubljana’s most popular fast foods also include kebab, which can be found across Europe, pizza slices, all kinds of sandwiches and, since recently, various salads and other healthy dishes made from fresh, raw ingredients. 

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