Ljubljana Quality: The Best Restaurants

Learn about the best that Ljubljana has to offer in terms of gastronomy. Check out the restaurants that have been rated as the best by local experts and awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

The culinary scene in Ljubljana has enjoyed a real boom over recent years and the city's renowned chefs, restaurants, and typical dishes are becoming increasingly recognized around the world. Gastronomy in Ljubljana is characterized by great diversity, with dishes ranging from traditional Slovenian and international classics to specialities of more exotic cuisines. Menus are often based on seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms.

Ljubljana Quality Mark
The quality of tourism offerings in Ljubljana and Central Slovenia is assessed every two years as part of the Ljubljana Quality project, run by Ljubljana Tourism, the city's tourist board. The quality assessment is based on carefully defined criteria and carried out by an expert commission using the mystery shopper method. The highest-rated outlets receive a Ljubljana Quality Mark indicating the level of quality achieved.

The Ljubljana Quality Mark winners include not only fine dining restaurants, but also a whole range of more affordable modern restaurants, traditional 'gostilnas', and cake shops.

Information about the top 10 best-rated restaurants is available below.

This is where you can find the list of all the restaurants awarded a Ljubljana Quality Mark.

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