Slovenian wines

Even though Central Slovenia is not a wine-growing region, Ljubljana has been awarded the international title of a "City of Vine and Wine", and that is no coincidence.

The choice of Slovenian wines and the range of wine-related events on offer in Ljubljana are wide and varied as the city has traditionally been a commercial centre for the country's wine-growing regions. Apart from having a large number of wine bars and shops, Ljubljana hosts several wine fairs and events such as the Ljubljana Wine Route, held in the city centre.

Slovenia is a country of good wines valued for their remarkably natural tastes. The local wines may not be among the best known in the world, but they often surprise and win prestigious international awards.

The choice of Slovenian wines, either sweet or dry, can cater for all tastes and palates. The premium wine varieties, often produced by small winemakers and therefore available in limited amounts, are made using traditional methods. Slovenia has a long and rich history of wine making, which is evident, among other things, from the fact that the world's oldest vine grows in the Slovenian city of Maribor.

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