Taste Central Slovenia

Go for the local flavours! On your trip to the Central Slovenian region, you can enjoy Slovene cuisine in its authentic environment - in traditional village pubs and on homesteads.

In cooperation with local caterers, the renowned Slovenian ethnologist Janez Bogataj has prepared a selection of typical dishes from that region. These are all made from locally grown ingredients and have been preserved to this day. The selected dishes, including among others the Carniolan sausage (kranjska klobasa), the Trnič cheese from the Velika planina highlands, tarragon sweet roll “potica”, Tuhinj stuffing, donuts from Trojane, wine rolled dumplings (štruklji) and numerous other delicacies offered by caterers taking part in the project “Taste Central Slovenia”.

Fresh ingredients of local origin

The first encounter with the culinary offerings of Central Slovenia begins at the Ljubljana Central Market Place, providing an insight into the seasonal ingredients and the culinary culture of that region. Locally cultivated ingredients of natural origin are very diverse. Forests offer mushrooms and wild fruits, and orchards grow healthy fruit used by the farmers to press juice. In numerous places, beekeepers produce honey and also offer other apiary products and honey drinks.

Although there are no vineyards in Central Slovenia, varieties of wine from all three Slovenian wine-growing areas are to be found at every step. You can also quench your thirst with excellent spring waters, herbal teas and numerous kinds of beer.

Where can you encounter the traditional Slovene cuisine?

For centuries, Slovenian pubs (so-called gostilne) have been central to social life and the enjoyment of good food and wine. Being traditionally family businesses, caterers will not only serve you but welcome and treat you as well. Their dishes are inspired by domestic cuisine and are often prepared on the basis of old family recipes. Many of them boast a tradition that is handed down from one generation to the next with a reputation that goes beyond local boundaries.

In the Central Slovenian region, a series of traditional fairs take place that are rooted in local festivities and offer local delicacies.

Enjoy nature and home-made dishes

Numerous pubs, open-door farms and mountain huts especially come to life at weekends, when they welcome travellers, hikers and mountaineers as well.

For visiting tourist farms a prior arrangement is mostly required. Some of them also offer accommodation. There, you can taste their own house specialities and buy domestic crops. Visiting tourist farms may also provide a great opportunity for recreation in their surroundings, either on foot, by bicycle or on horseback.

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