Cycling around Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the cyclists’ idea of a city. Cycling as a mode of transport is increasingly popular and the city is constantly expanding its network of cycling paths as part of its efforts for sustainable development.

Overall, Ljubljana has more than 230 kilometres of designated cycling paths. The city is predominantly flat and just the right size for going about on a bike. You can use a bicycle throughout the pedestrian zone in the city centre, but you have to mind your speed and give right of way to pedestrians.

Ljubljana is among the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world

Ljubljana is listed among the top bicycle-friendly cities in the world according to the Copenhagenize Index. In 2019, Ljubljana was listed as 14th.

Bike rental and guided cycling tours

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Bicikelj, the city's bike sharing system, provides bikes for hire from self-service terminals located across the wider Ljubljana city centre. And it’s practically free. The Ljubljana Bike project provides easy and affordable bike rental from the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre.

Ljubljana Tourism also offers several guided cycling city tours, such as Exploring Ljubljana by Bicycle, A Bicycle Tour through Plečnik’s Ljubljana and the Moustache Tour, a unique insight into the city's cultural heritage.

Exploring Ljubljana by Bicycle

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The city is best experienced by cyclists taking themed cycling paths, identified by easily noticeable blue markings.

  • A roundabout tour will take you from Fužine Castle, along the embankments on the river Ljubljanica, through the old town and to Špica Park.
  • Plečnik’s Ljubljana connects elements of the famous architect’s heritage around the city and ends at his former home in Trnovo.
  • The forest route will take you along the edge of Rožnik, from Tivoli Park to Mostec.

Check out the route map.

The unique Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship

The Trail of Remembrance and Comradeship is 33 kilometres long and encircles the entire city. This tree-lined path is meant for hikers and cyclists. You can take just parts of it or go all the way around.

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