Recreation in Ljubljana

The city with a green soul boasts an outstanding number of green areas. Marked cycling lanes, numerous parks, playgrounds, and recreational spots testify to the active lifestyle of the residents of Ljubljana.

You don’t have to leave the city centre to find excellent walking paths along the Ljubljanica River. The hill surmounted by Ljubljana Castle, rising above the old city centre, is mostly covered in forest and criss-crossed by walking paths.

A cycling-friendly city

As part of its attempts to guarantee a sustainable development, the city of Ljubljana is constantly expanding its network of cycling lanes. In fact, the Copenhagenize Index has Ljubljana ranked among the most cycling-friendly cities in the world. In 2015 Ljubljana ranked 15th, while in 2017 it moved up to 8th place.

The Bicikelj system and the Ljubljana Bike project enable a hassle-free and affordable solution for renting bikes. You can best experience the city by bike by following themed cycling routes indicated with blue marks.

  • The River route will take you along the river bank from Fužine Castle past the city centre to Špica.
  • Plečnik’s route links spots that bear the stamp of the architect Plečnik. The route starts and terminates at his house in Trnovo.
  • The Forest route in the fringe of the Rožnik Hill links Tivoli Park and Mostec.

Tivoli with Rožnik and Golovec: the green hearts of the city

Tivoli, the biggest city park, stretches to Rožnik Hill and Šišenski hrib Hill, which are coved in forest and literally criss-crossed with recreational paths. The same goes for Golovec Hill  on the other side of the city, which spreads between the city centre and the Kodelejevo, Moste, Fužine, and Rudnik districts.

The unique Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship is 33 km long and surrounds the entire city. The path, lined by lanes of trees, is intended for hikers and cyclists. You may decide to only walk a part of the Path or you may explore it in its entirety. The Path is considered a monument, since it follows the route of the barbed wire that surrounded the city during the Second World War occupation. Once a year, on the anniversary of the liberation of Ljubljana (9th May) the traditional March Along the Barbed Wire takes place here.

Water sports in Ljubljana

In Ljubljana, you can embark on a SUP or canoe ride right in the old city centre! The town of Tacen, on the northern outskirts of the city, is famous for its kayak trails on the Sava River and as a venue for kayak championships. In addition, Tacen and the adjacent town of Medvode offer rafting activities on the rapids of the Sava River.

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