Vodno mesto Atlantis (water park)

The Vodno mesto Atlantis water park is divided into three sections intended for people of different ages. It is comprised of 16 pools (6 larger, 4 children's and 6 various purpose pools) making a total of 1,800 square metres of water surface. Boasting 15,000 square metres of indoor facilities, the complex has a capacity of 1,600 visitors. It is divided into several sections.

The Thermal Temple (Termalni tempelj) is intended for senior visitors. It includes thermal pools, cascading bath areas and three pools with massage benches.

The World of Adventures (Svet doživetij) offers several pools and numerous water attractions including a 150 to 200 metre long rapid river, several swim-through underground caves, a wave pool with an atoll island, two large slides and more.

The Sauna Land (Dežela savn) consists of various saunas. Its outdoor part includes a pool and a steam, a bio, a stone and an earth sauna, and its indoor part, among other things, a hot bath in an underground cave.

Apart from offering water park activities, Vodno mesto Atlantis is also a venue for themed parties, summer sports games, competitions, themed weeks, birthday parties, reunions and other events.


Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 9:00-21:00, Friday to Sunday 9:00-22:00.

Šmartinska cesta 152 1533 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 585 21 00
Fax: +386 (0)1 585 21 30
Website: Vodno mesto Atlantis (water park)

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    Vodno mesto Atlantis (water park)

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