Gifts and souvenirs

The most interesting among the gifts and souvenirs that you can take home to remind you of your visit of Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia are those connected to the tradition of local arts and crafts.

The tradition of local crafts is very rich in Slovenia and is often linked to some interesting folk customs. Even though the way of life has changed considerably, there are still some excellent craftsmen that preserve the old expertise and skilfulness.

Numerous talented designers have contributed to the fact that the Slovenian design is highly cherished globally. Some of the most recognized designers live and work in Ljubljana where they also keep their shops.

Typical Slovenian products

Among the typical Slovenian products are the Idrijan lace, the Rogaška glassworks, painted frontal boards of beehives, skilfully painted and decorated Easter eggs, gingerbread and gingerbread hearts, wooden ware from Ribnica and others.


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