Shops selling traditional Slovenian foods

Have you been wondering where to buy traditional Slovenian foods and quality food products made in Slovenia? Read on and learn about some of the best shops selling them.

Slovenians tend to associate organic and good, wholesome food with the concept of 'homemade', which has its roots in the culinary tradition of the rural areas of Slovenia, where there is little mass food production and where meals have always been prepared at home or savoured at traditional, family-run gostilna-style restaurants. For this reason, typical Slovenian foods continue to be made using traditional methods of preparation, often combined with environmentally friendly approaches.

A perfect place to shop for 'homemade' Slovenian foods is Ljubljana's Central Market, where you can get anything from vegetables grown by small local farmers to dry-cured meat products, bread, sweet baked goods, wine, and spirits.

Traditional Slovenian food products, the best known being the Carniolan sausage, Karst prosciutto, Prekmurje layer cake, Istrian olive oil, and homemade schnapps, are also available from a number of delicatessens specializing in Slovenian foods. Most of them are located right in the city centre. 

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