Steklarna Rogaška showroom

Crystal glass products by the Steklarna Rogaška / Rogaška Glassworks glass factory. Rogaška 1665 is a showroom and gallery of Steklarna Rogaška, one of the world's leading crystal ware manufacturers, whose broad knowledge of designing and making crystal ware has accumulated over the company's nearly 350-year history. Carrying on its centuries-long tradition of glass-making, Steklarna Rogaška produces only handmade crystal ware, well known for its high quality and innovative designs.

In 2007 and 2008, Steklarna Rogaška received the prestigious Five Star Diamond Award of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

Opening hours

Odprto: Monday to Friday 9.00-20:00

Mestni trg 22 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 24 12 701
Website: Steklarna Rogaška showroom

Ljubljana Quality

Ljubljana Quality

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