Famous churches

The artistic and especially architectural legacy found in the Central Slovenia is intensely marked by the richness of the ecclesiastical art.

Every village has its own church

In Slovenia, churches can be found in nearly every village and sometimes also on isolated hilltops and along pilgrimage routes. In this multitude of churches, there are several that stand out. Those which are especially worth mentioning are the Cistercian Abbey in Stična, the Saint Nicholas’ Cathedral and the Franciscan Church in Ljubljana and several smaller ones such as the Church of St. Michael, which was designed by Jože Plečnik and can be found in Črna vas on the Ljubljana Marshes, and the St. Peter’s Church in Dvor pri Polhovem Gradcu and the Church of St. Kancijan in the village of Vrzdenec near Horjul, which are the two gothic churches.

From the Baroque to the architect Jože Plečnik

Most of the churches that have an artistic significance and that have been preserved till this day were built during the Baroque period. This is because Ljubljana was destroyed by the 1511 earthquake and was later rebuilt in the Baroque style. In addition to the numerous Baroque churches, castles and the Ljubljana Town Hall, the period was also marked by the paintings created in the workshops of Johannes of Ljubljana and by several sculptural workshops. One of the workshops was run by the Venetian Francesco Robba, whose opus is really remarkable.

The person who contributed most to the late ecclesiastical legacy was the architect Jože Plečnik. He took part in renovating several of the churches in the region and what is more important, he designed some of the churches such as the above mentioned Church of St. Michael on the Ljubljana Marshes and the Church of St. Francis in the Šiška district. He also designed the renowned chapels of rest in the Ljubljana Cemetery, where he blended influences from different cultures of the world in his own unique way and thus stressed the idea of the equality of religions, which was very advanced at the time.  

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