Top sights of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a picturesque city boasting a wealth of attractions. This short guide includes the most important ones – those that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Ljubljana is considered to be a yet undiscovered gem of Europe. It is often compared with Prague due to its beautiful architectural appearance, which is the result of the legacy of different periods in history and, most notably, the work of the famous 20th century architect Jože Plečnik, who, among other things, prepared the town planning scheme for the central part of the city. Plečnik's distinctive personal stamp, which can be seen across Ljubljana, is the most obvious in the area by the river Ljubljanica, where you can find one of his most famous creations, the Triple Bridge. The area can best be experienced on a tourist boat cruise.

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The symbol of Ljubljana is the dragon, which dominates the iconic Dragon Bridge, and the city's most prominent attraction Ljubljana Castle, whose Outlook Tower offers some of the most beautiful views of the city. The castle houses several museum exhibitions and presentations including, among others, Slovenian History, The Prison and Virtual Castle.

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Numerous archaeological finds impressive even by international standards can be viewed at Ljubljana's museums, whereas a lot of remains of the Roman city of Emona, which celebrates its 2000th anniversary in 2014, are on view right in the streets of Ljubljana. For a presentation on Emona, visit the iEmona information point, located in the Chopinov prehod underpass in the Kongresni trg square. Tickets to the major attractions on the circular route of Emona are available from the City Museum of Ljubljana.

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Ljubljana is well known as a green city boasting a large number of beautiful parks and a botanical garden whose proud history goes back to 1810. The city's largest park, the centrally located Tivoli, is a popular place to relax and spend time with friends and family or perhaps enjoy one of the interesting exhibitions of large-format photographs held there on a regular basis.

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