Stari trg & Gornji trg squares

Stari trg (Old Square) is the earliest settled part of medieval Ljubljana. It blends into Gornji trg (Upper Square), which slopes up towards the foot of Ljubljana's castle hill. Together with Mestni trg (Town Square), the third oldest part of Ljubljana city centre, which also exists since medieval times, the two distinctly garland-shaped squares embrace the castle hill. Both the buildings in Mestni trg and those in Stari trg and Gornji trg have Baroque front façades and medieval interiors. A lot of them were redesigned and connected to neighbouring buildings in the 17th and 18th centuries. Only four buildings in Gornji trg have preserved their medieval orientation with the roof ridges facing the square.

The broadest part of Stari trg, which blends into the lower part of the Gornji trg, is the site of the Hercules Fountain, a modern interpretation of a Baroque original. The building next to the fountain is the famous Stična Mansion (Stiški dvorec). In the 18th century, a large part of Stari trg was occupied by a Jesuit college and St. James's Church (Cerkev sv. Jakoba). When the college burnt down, the present Levstikov trg square was built in its place.

The medieval Gornji trg extended all the way to the town gate in the vicinity of the present castle hill tunnel, from where a road led towards the Dolenjska region. Since 1672, the centre of the square has been dominated by the Baroque Church of St. Florian (Cerkev sv. Floriana).

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