Tomažin Watermill

Tomažin Watermill (Tomažinov mlin), also referred to as Strojar Watermill (Strojarjev mlin), is one of the few old flour mills still in operation in Slovenia. Built above a natural sinkhole and operational since the beginning of the 18th century, it is unique even by European standards. Its paddle wheels are installed in an abyss below the ground surface, from where the water flows towards the Močilnik valley near the town of Vrhnika and the Divje jezero lake near the town of Idrija. Of the watermill's originally three wheels, only one is still used for grinding wheat, maize, barley and oats. Freshly ground flour is available for purchase.

Tomažin Watermill is part of a homestead where you can taste traditional farmhouse fare prepared in a so called 'black kitchen' with an open fire.

To arrange a tour of Tomažin Watermill, please call the KTD Hotedršica cultural and tourism society on +386 (0)1 755 91 42 or +386 (0)41 321 330.

Hotedršica 39 1372 Hotedršica

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