Town Hall

Ljubljana's Town Hall (locally referred to as Mestna hiša, Magistrat or Rotovž), is the seat of the Municipality of Ljubljana. It was built in the late 15th century by the master builder Peter Bezlaj. It assumed its present appearance between 1717 and 1719, when an annexe designed by Carlo Martinuzzi was added to it by the master builder Gregor Maček Snr. Later the building was alterated several times, the most thoroughly by the architect Svetozar Križaj in 1963.

The Town Hall façade reflects Venetian architectural influences. The vestibule provides space for a late Gothic plaque with a coat of arms surviving from the original Town Hall building and a 17th century statue of Hercules with a lion, previously a part of the Hercules Fountain which used to stand in the middle of the nearby Stari trg square. In the Town Hall's arched courtyard stands Francesco Robba's Narcissus Fountain (Narcisov vodnjak) from Bokalce Castle (Grad Bokalce). Next to the staircase there is a monument in memory of Ivan Hribar (1851-1941), a famous mayor of Ljubljana.

Exhibitions in the Town Hall

Ljubljana Town Hall features four exhibition spaces: the Glass Atrium, the Historical Atrium, the Central and Right Atriums. The primary purpose of the exhibition space is to showcase projects by the Municipality of Ljubljana. Also on display are exhibitions organized through international and inter-city partnerships, individual and group exhibitions of fine art by established and amateur artists.


Town Hall tour

The tour of Ljubljana's Town Hall includes a number of rooms which have so far not been open for public viewing. It offers an insight into the rich history of a building which stands as one of Ljubljana's most striking Baroque monuments.

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Mestni trg 1 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 306 10 20
Website: Town Hall

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  • Ceramics in the Town Hall

    Ceramics in the Town Hall

    A traditional retrospective group exhibition of the Society of ceramists and potters.

    Town Hall

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  • Town Hall

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  • Kaja Berden: Fairy-tale Ljubljana

    Kaja Berden: Fairy-tale Ljubljana


    The central part of the exhibition Fairy-tale Ljubljana includes illustrations representing the city of Ljubljana, its hidden corners, and its symbol, the Ljubljana Dragon, which comes to life as a mysterious city dweller, exploring its town again and again.

    Town Hall

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  • One trial – four languages, The Pioneers of Simultaneous Interpreting at Nuremberg Trials

    One trial – four languages, The Pioneers of Simultaneous Interpreting at Nuremberg Trials

    Documentary exhibition of the International Association of Conference Interpreters

    On the initiative of the Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, the international exhibition One Trial – Four Languages will be mounted in Slovenia for the first time.

    Town Hall

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