Trubar’s Homestead

The renovated Trubar’s homestead serves as a museum, dedicated to this important Slovenian. A 5,6m obelisk by the street was also raised in his honour in 1950 at the 400th anniversary of first printed Slovenian books, Trubar’s Catechism and Spelling book. 

The homestead was renovated at Trubar’s death 400th anniversary. In front of the mill stands a statue of Primož Trubar, a work of sculptor Drago Tršar. A former outhouse is made into a guest house, Gallery Skendenj and the Trubar’s reading room. By it stand a renovated corn-rack and a water run Venetian saw. Former residential premises today serve as a memorial room. Walls carry information on the life and destiny of Primož Trubar and on the windows some important historical personalities, his contemporaries and rulers of the time are depicted.

Cilinders stand in the middle of the room, symbolising the idea of Slovene culture and in them books written by Trubar between 1550 and 1586. 

Opening hours

Open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. 

Location details

The Rašica village lies on a gentle hill near Velike Lašče. A brook Rašica runs by it. It used to be called Fužinaščica after the fužine (ironworks) where iron for firearms was acquired. The counts of Turjak used to export firearms all over Europe. Before the Turks’ invasions the village was an important transport and business centre, but was burnt down in 1528. The Temko mill, birthplace of Primož Trubar (1508 – 1586), founder of Slovene literary language and leader of the Reformation movement, was also ruined. 


Guided tours are available on prior appointment. 

Rašica 69 1315 Velike Lašče

Phone: +386 (0)1 788 10 06
Website: Trubar’s Homestead

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