Behind the Castle Bars

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Accompanied by your guide and actors in costumes you will travel back in time and discover various methods of punishment, as well as the destiny and woes of those who served their sentence in the dungeons of the Ljubljana Castle.

When we speak of castles we cannot help but mention the dungeons and punishment. And the Ljubljana Castle is no exception to that. The dungeons, cells and solitary confinement have long held prisoners, such as rebels and reformers, soldiers and civilians, the rich and the poor, freethinkers and political insurgents. Actors in costumes will act out short scenes portraying all the woes of those held captive, and especially the various methods of punishment used since the medieval times onwards.


  • May and June: Every Saturday and Sunday at 16:00
  • July, August and September: Every day at 15:00


Up to 1 hour

Departure point

Info Centre at Ljubljana Castle

Language options

Slovenian and English


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