Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

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This excursion includes a tour of the famous Postojna Caves and a visit to the nearby Predjama Castle, built into a cave in a vertical cliff face.

The Postojna Caves, one of Slovenia's most notable natural sights, consist of a 27-kilometre system of underground caves, tunnels, galleries and halls with spectacular dripstones. A small cave train will take you on a tour around the caves, which are also known for providing habitat for Proteus anguinus, an endemic amphibian salamander.

Predjama Castle, part of which is built into the middle of a 123 metre high vertical cliff face, was originally home of the legendary outcast knight Erasmus. The present castle, which was given its Renaissance appearance in the 16th century, houses a museum. 

The price includes transfers, guidance, and admission to the Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle.


April 1 - October 31: Every day at 13:45
November 1 - March 31: Every day at 8:30


half-day excursion (5 hours)

Number of participants

The excursion is run for a minimum of two people.
Additional discounts are available for groups. For more information contact the excursion operator. 

Departure point

The departure point is to be arranged on booking. 

Language options

Slovenian, English
Other languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Croatian and Spanish are available to groups of four or more by arrangement with the operator at least three days prior to the excursion date.


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