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Ljubljana's car parks managed by the Javno podjetje Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice public utility company are classified into different tariff categories, depending on the distance from the city centre. You can read more about parking fee payment here.

Parking is also possible at a large number of privately owned car parks and parking garages.

Short-term parking zone

In the city centre, short-time parking is allowed in the short-term parking zone. Parking fee can be payed at a parking meter, a ticket machine, an Urbanomat machine or by using the Urbana SMS Parking service. Parking tickets that are bought from automated parking machines must be placed in a clearly visible place in the car, close to the windscreen. The parking machines do not give change, so drivers are advised to have the exact amount required for the parking ticket. Parking periods range from 30 to 120 minutes. 

P+R facilities (car parks with connections to public bus services)

At Ljubljana's P+R (park-and-ride) facilities, you can leave your vehicle and transfer to a city bus for a journey to the city centre. With the purchase of a parking ticket you get two bus tickets valid for the day of the parking ticket purchase.

P+R parking facilities

  • Dolgi most P+R (car park for vehicles arriving in Ljubljana from the direction of the coast)
  • Stožice Sports Park P+R (parking garage for vehicles entering the city from the north, north-west or north-east)
  • Studenec P+R (parking garage for vehicles entering the city from the east)
  • Ježica P+R (car park for vehicles arriving in Ljubljana from the north and east)
  • Barje P+R (car park for vehicles arriving in Ljubljana from the south)
  • Stanežiče P+R (car park for vehicles arriving in Ljubljana from the north)

Tourist bus parking in Ljubljana

For buses/coaches carrying organised groups of tourists, Ljubljana has a system of rapid drop-off and pick-up locations (up to 15 minutes) and numerous car parks offering all-day parking for buses/coaches.

To secure a spot, it is necessary to make a reservation via an online booking system, implemented on our website. The system enables timely booking of time slots for using pick-up and drop-off points near the city centre.

This way tourists can get off the bus in the city centre and set off on a sightseeing tour, after which their bus can be parked for several hours in the covered car park at the Stožice Sports Centre.

Motorhome parking in Ljubljana region

Several motorhome stopover sites with hook-up facilities are located on the outskirts of Ljubljana. If you would rather leave your motorhome closer to the city centre, consider one of the charging car parks, where you can park for limited periods of time. The city's public bus services will take you to the city centre.

Motorhome parking as well as staying overnight or camping are permitted in the designated motorhome stopover sites and parking areas only. In accordance with Slovenian law, you must not park your vehicles or camp on public spaces not specifically designated for these uses. On privately owned areas you can park or camp if you have the explicit consent of the owner.

Illegal parking

Vehicles illegally parked in places not intended for parking are towed away according to the instructions of the city's traffic wardens. A fine must be paid in order to retrieve the vehicle towed away. Retrieval of vehicles towed away and fine payment

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