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Ljubljana is located at the intersection of major European transportation routes, half way between Vienna and Venice. It is easily accessible by train, from the highway, and by air, with Ljubljana Jože Pučnik international airport being only a short drive away.

Getting to Ljubljana bike photo Jost Gantar

Getting to Ljubljana by air

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport is located 26 kilometres to Ljubljana (20 minutes by road).

Flight information

T: +386 (0)4 20 61 981
W: Aerodrom Ljubljana

Transfers to/from the airport

  • Shuttle transfers: GoOpti, Nomago, MNJ Shuttle, Markun Shuttle, ZUP prevozi.
  • Taxi: Taxi services are available in front of the airport building.
  • Rent-a-car: consult the list of rent-a-car service providers at the airport.

Regular bus route

A regular bus route connects the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport and the Ljubljana Central Bus Station (bus stop no. 28).

Other airports within reasonable distance to Ljubljana

The distances to the other airports:

Ljubljana is easily accessible by airport transfers

  • Airport Graz, Austria: 187 km
  • Airport Klagenfurt, Austria: 85 km
  • Airport Zagreb, Croatia: 140 km
  • Airport Trieste, Italy: 130 km
  • Airport Venice, Italy: 230 km

Several airports within reasonable distance to Ljubljana are served by low-fare carriers. Favourably priced scheduled transfers from these airports and Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport can be booked through: 

Transfers can be booked online. 

Getting to Ljubljana by road

Ljubljana is located at the crossroads of Slovenia's most important road routes. Motorway access from any of the neighbouring countries is very easy.

Road tax vignettes

Road tax vignettes must be purchased for the use of Slovenian motorways, including the Ljubljana bypass. The roads where the vignette is required are marked by special vignette signs. Vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations located in the border areas of Slovenia's neighbouring countries, at petrol stations, post offices and most newspaper kiosks in Slovenia, and at branch offices of the Automobile Association of Slovenia (AMZS) and other automobile clubs.

Vignette prices


Class 2A (passenger cars and mobile homes)

  • Yearly vignette: €110.00
  • Half-year vignette: €30.00
  • Weekly vignette: €15.00

Class 2B (vehicles exceeding 1.3m in height above the front axis)

  • Yearly vignette: €220.00
  • Half-year vignette: €60.00
  • Weekly vignette: €30.00

Class A (one-track motor vehicles)

  • Yearly vignette: €55.00
  • Half-year vignette: €30.00
  • Weekly vignette: €7.50

For further information visit the website of the Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia (DARS).

Traffic information

The Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads collects and provides information on traffic and road conditions in Slovenia.
More information: 
T: 1970 or +386 (0)1 518 85 18 
W: Traffic Information Centre for Public Roads

AMZS, the Slovenian national automobile association, provides roadside assistance, car towing services and car repair services 24 hours, seven days a week.
More information:
T: +386 (0)1 530 53 00

Getting to Ljubljana by train

The Ljubljana Railway Station is Slovenia's main railway station. It connects Ljubljana to Trieste, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Prague, Vienna, Graz, Budapest, Zagreb, and Belgrade. Railway is also a convenient means of transport within Slovenia, given that distances within the country are mainly short and travel costs low.

Information on train schedules: 

  • Slovenian Railways call centre T: 1999 (indicative call price; €0.75; the price depends on the phone network you are calling from)
  • Answering service (information on train timetables from Ljubljana) T: +386 90 93 9801
  • E: [email protected]

W: Slovenske železnice

Getting to Ljubljana by bus

The Ljubljana Bus Station has regular services to all Slovenia's neighbouring countries and the most popular tourist destinations within the country. Bus tickets can be purchased at the counter of the Ljubljana Bus Station or online from the Ljubljana Bus Station website.

European cities served by direct bus routes from Ljubljana: Trieste, Venice (Mestre, Marco Polo Airport), Florence, Milan, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Munich, Dortmund, Paris, Budapest, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade, Niš, Sofia.

Major Slovenian tourist destinations served by direct bus routes from Ljubljana: Bled and Bohinj lake resorts, Postojna cave, the coastal towns of Portorož and Piran. In addition to bus tickets for the above-mentioned tourist destinations, Ljubljana Bus Station website offers the possibility to purchase tickets for some of the major Slovenian tourist attractions.

T: +386 (0)1 234 46 00
Bookings for bus tickets from Ljubljana: 
T: 1991 (the number is available only for calls placed from within Slovenian phone networks).
E: [email protected]
W: Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana

Getting to Ljubljana by bicycle

If you are travelling to Ljubljana by train or by bus, you can take your bicycle with you on selected international train lines and on selected bus lines operated by FlixBus in the summer months.

Most other bus companies enable you to transport your bike in the trunk of the bus, but only when enough space is available in the trunk, as the passengers' luggage has priority.

Train lines, enabling you to travel with a bike throughout the whole year:

  • EC 150/151 Ljubljana-Vienna-Ljubljana,
  • EC 158/159 Zagreb-Vienna-Zagreb,
  • EC 212/213 Zagreb-Ljubljana-Villach-(Munich-Frankfurt)-Villach-Ljubljana-Zagreb

More information: Slovenske železnice

Once you arrive in Ljubljana, you won't have any problem getting around by bike, as Ljubljana is one of the most cycling-friendly cities in the world.