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Seasonality of food is most clearly reflected in the menus of Ljubljana's restaurants: what is seasonal is also of best quality and therefore - on the plates.

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Every month we determine the key ingredient, typical for Ljubljana, which is inspired by that month's offer at the Ljubljana Central marketTrnovska ledenka salad, Ljubljana's cabbage, yellow carrots, kifeljčar or tarragon, and many other ingredients have been writing a seasonal culinary story every month of the year. The products exposed in this way are part of the "green chain" philosophy, as they are locally grown. The vast majority of them travels to the menus of Ljubljana's restaurants from the surrounding farms, and it is these farmers who also give advice on which fruit or vegetables to promote that month. All participating restaurants are invited to offer at least one dish with a key ingredient of that month. In this way they also support local farmers by purchasing the ingredients that are in season.

Three recipes are then created every month based on the tradition of the Taste Ljubljana project, while also honouring modern culinary trends. They are created in a way that can suit different types of culinary offer: from snacks or drinks to more complex recipes and dishes. They are written is a simple manner so that the participating restaurants can upgrade them, depending on their ambitions and desires, as well as the personal interpretation of each chef.

The Culinary Calendar is a project that - in collaboration with local chefs and restaurants - tries to promote and further develop the seasonal and sustainable tourist offer in the city of Ljubljana.