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  • Elektricni priklop

    The strategic direction of Ljubljana is accessibility for people with disabilities. In an effort to make Ljubljana's tourist offerings more accessible to them, two electric attachments for wheelchairs are available for free rental on Adamič-Lundrovo Embankment.

  • Ana Desetnica photo Luka Drakskobler

    Ljubljana is a city with a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere. A major contribution to this is made by the numerous free open-air events that take place throughout the year and are a special feature of life in our city.

  • Ocvetlicenje Dunja Wedam 4

    Ljubljana’s Old Town boasts a special kind of floral decoration. Specially made metal baskets have been installed on the city’s decorative public lighting fixtures.

  • GM teaser

    As part of the Ljubljana Quality project, Ljubljana Tourism verifies the quality of the tourism offering and promotes the best that Ljubljana has to offer. Since 2019 the project has been run in conjunction with prestigious gastronomic guide Gault & Millau.

  • green supply chains

    The Ljubljana-style breakfast, which is offered by various hotels and restaurants in the city, consists of foods that come from green supply chains in accordance with the principle “from local field to local table, to the guest”.

  • Okusi Ljubljane 20. 6. 2014 foto Bobo

    Choose local flavours. The Taste Ljubljana project gives new life to once popular Ljubljana dishes. Chefs in participating restaurants prepare them in a modern manner, using fresh ingredients of local origin.

  • November Gourmet 1 photo Videomedia

    A number of different events connected by the common thread of good food and wine take place every year as part of the November Gourmet Ljubljana food and wine festival.

  • Ljubljana Rose photo Bobo

    Ljubljana boasts its own rose variety, one that bears its name. This white rose for “white Ljubljana” (as the city is poetically known) adorns city parks and other public areas and contributes to Ljubljana’s orderly and colourful appearance.

  • Borza lokalnih zivil

    The aim of the Green Supply Chains project is to encourage the use of local ingredients by local tourism providers and more widely. 

  • Central Slovenia photo Ana Pogacar

    Ljubljana Tourism also functions as the regional destination organisation (tourist board) responsible for promoting and supporting the development of tourism in the wider Ljubljana region.