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The Ljubljana-style breakfast, which is offered by various hotels and restaurants in the city, consists of foods that come from green supply chains in accordance with the principle “from local field to local table, to the guest”.

green supply chains

Hotels and restaurants participating in the Ljubljana-style breakfast initiative can take their pick of locally produced breakfast and brunch ingredients from the following categories:

  • Cured meat products
  • Dairy products
  • Field produce
  • Baked goods
  • Cakes and pastries from the Taste Ljubljana selection
  • Meat
  • Honey

The range of different foods that can make up a Ljubljana-style breakfast is a broad and varied one. Dishes can be contemporary or traditional, creatively enhanced or just the way our grandmothers made them. The only rule is that they should arrive on the table from Ljubljana and its surrounding area as part of green supply chains.

The selection of dishes changes with the seasons in that it adapts to the time of year and the choice of fresh ingredients available. In order to help Ljubljana hotels and restaurants choose seasonal dishes, Ljubljana Tourism distributes monthly recipes whose main ingredients are seasonal fruits or vegetables. A list of local suppliers is included with the recipes.

Ljubljana breakfast photo Matevz Kostanjsek

The Ljubljana-style breakfast is highlighted on menus, in online publications and on breakfast tables themselves by a common logo. In all cases, even when a Ljubljana-style breakfast is an individual part of a self-service breakfast buffet, suppliers are listed alongside dishes.

The Ljubljana-style breakfast initiative was developed as part of the broader Green Supply Chains project, the essence of which is that the journey from producer to the table should be as short as possible since this means that food is far healthier and tastier and contains fewer preservatives.

Locally produced food also has greater biological and nutritional value because it is at its optimum ripeness. This means that the food on offer in Slovenia’s capital gains in quality and distinctive identity.