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Choose local flavours. The Taste Ljubljana project gives new life to once popular Ljubljana dishes. Chefs in participating restaurants prepare them in a modern manner, using fresh ingredients of local origin.

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The Taste Ljubljana project was conceived by the well-known ethnologist Janez Bogataj. It includes above all dishes that were popular among the citizens of Ljubljana in the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, but then increasingly began to give way to international dishes on restaurant menus.

Fresh local flavours

Slovenian cuisine has long been characterised by a variety of influences and a great diversity of ingredients. A hundred years ago the majority of the latter were produced locally, in gardens and on farms in the countryside around Ljubljana. This was something normal and self-evident at the time.

Today such an approach would be considered sustainable. We are therefore endeavouring to revive it as far as possible, in the context of the Taste Ljubljana project. Taste Ljubljana is thus logically complemented by the Green Supply Chains project, in which we encourage restaurants and hotels to source local ingredients.

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Traditional dishes as an inspiration for modern culinary creations

Renowned Ljubljana chefs such as Igor Jagodic (Strelec), Jorg Zupan (Atelje) and Bine Volčič (Bistro Monstera), among others, have creatively adapted old recipes to contemporary trends.

More than 50 restaurants are already participating in the Taste Ljubljana project, offering both modern and strictly traditional versions of Ljubljana dishes.

The dishes of the Taste Ljubljana project are of course complemented by drinks, including a selection of wines from all three of Slovenia’s wine regions, beer from Slovenian breweries and non-alcoholic beverages such as traditional home-made apple juice or herbal tea.

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Discover the tastes of Ljubljana

If you want to check out the ingredients of the dishes included in the Taste Ljubljana project, simply visit the central market.

You can try the dishes themselves at almost 50 participating restaurants, or join a guided culinary tour of the city: