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Ljubljana boasts its own rose variety, one that bears its name. This white rose for “white Ljubljana” (as the city is poetically known) adorns city parks and other public areas and contributes to Ljubljana’s orderly and colourful appearance.

Ljubljana Rose photo Bobo

Ljubljana Rose is one of the recognisable symbols of our city. Its colours symbolise the whiteness of the city amidst a sea of green forests. It is a polyantha rose with a creamy white colour, a fine bloom and strong growth. It was bred by the rose breeder Tantau of Germany. In 2015 it was selected on the basis of assessment by an expert panel and citizens’ votes.

Since then more than 2,600 roses have been planted in the city’s parks and public areas outside various city institutions, schools and nurseries. Every year rose plants are awarded to the winning block in the Best Block campaign, which takes place as part of the City of Ljubljana’s annual city clean-up campaign For A More Beautiful Ljubljana.

Ljubljana Rose photo Nik Rovan

The Ljubljana Rose even has its own range of souvenirs. You can buy mugs, a make-up bag or a tablet case (the latter two are both made from natural felt). The souvenirs are on sale at tourist information centres, at Ljubljana Botanical Garden and at Volčji Potok Arboretum.

Rose lovers can also buy their own Ljubljana Rose plants at the Botanical Garden and Arboretum. In 2019 Ljubljana Tourism ran a workshop presenting the characteristics of the rose and the correct ways to plant, prune and maintain it. In view of the excellent response, we are planning to repeat the workshop in the future.