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The WOW installation outside the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre has become a popular photo spot. At the same time it symbolically illustrates the character of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana region.

Installation WOW

Its design echoes the logo of the Ljubljana region (together with the capital) and combines the following elements: local, high-quality drinking water, oxygen, the cyclical nature of natural processes and an expression of enthusiasm – WOW!

The installation is 7 m long and 2 m high. It is made of aluminium and fitted with discreet LED lighting. The letter Ws are derived from the Ljubljana Tourism logo, while the letter O represents oxygen, symbolising the region’s clean air and excellent drinking water. The glass-fronted letter O is full of water that is in constant movement.

A pump installed inside the letter causes the water to undulate gently, and if you put your ear close to it you can hear it rippling gently. You can also climb on or take a picture next to it as a memory of your visit to Ljubljana.

wow photo Nik Rovan

The WOW installation was designed to stand in front of Slovenia’s pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan. It was created by Ljubljana Tourism in collaboration with city utilities company VOKA SNAGA and Ljubljana City Museum and Galleries (MGML). The delegation of the European Union pavilion at Expo 2015 was so enthusiastic about the installation that we agreed to move it in front of the EU pavilion, close to the Tree of Life, the official Expo 2015 installation.

With the WOW installation, Ljubljana joins other major cities such as Amsterdam and New York that have letter-based sculptures or installations in prominent locations.