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Ljubljana Tourism also functions as the regional destination organisation (tourist board) responsible for promoting and supporting the development of tourism in the wider Ljubljana region.

Central Slovenia photo Ana Pogacar

The common vision of the Ljubljana region is to become the most integrated and innovative green tourism region in Slovenia. The Regional destination organization (RDO) of Ljubljana Region is a model example on the national scale of a well-organised regional destination organisation, with an offering that is also becoming increasingly recognised in other countries.

The tourist development and promotion of localities in the region coincide with one of Ljubljana Tourism’s main strategic goals: the dispersal of tourist flows from the city centre. The area of the Ljubljana region represents the green hinterland of Slovenia’s capital city and offers excellent opportunities for the marketing and further development of products tied to rural holidays, discovering local culture and cuisine, and active leisure (mainly hiking and cycling).

Projects that are overseen by the RDO of the Ljubljana Region cover:

  • the development of active and green tourism products within the region,
  • promotional activities such as the online promotion of the region’s offering, presentations at tourism fairs and exchanges, fact-finding tours for journalists and occasional campaigns with influencers,
  • coaching for local communities on the development and marketing of the local tourism offering.
Central Slovenia photo Visit Kamnik

Organisation of the RDO for Ljubljana region

The region consists of 26 municipalities (including the City of Ljubljana) united under the aegis of the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR).

All the activities of the Regional destination organization that we implement at Ljubljana Tourism are coordinated with the strategic priorities of the RDA LUR. They are approved by the regional mayors’ council, while the detailed operational plan is considered by the RDO forum, consisting of representatives of the municipalities in the region.

Implementation of the plan is the responsibility of a regional coordinator employed by Ljubljana Tourism.

The City of Ljubljana, as the biggest municipality, provide 74% of the funds for the operation of the RDO, while the remaining 26% is contributed by the 25 municipalities making up the Ljubljana Urban Region in accordance with the agreed formula for the division of costs (number of inhabitants and number of tourist beds in an individual municipality).