Ljubljana Tourism

The public institute Ljubljana Tourism is a tourist organization under the auspices of the City of Ljubljana. In collaboration with tourism providers it encourages the development of and promotes tourism in Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region.

Ljubljana Tourism runs the city's: 

Ljubljana Tourism's other tasks include investment in tourism infrastructure, operation of guided city tours, tourist guide training, event management, publication of tourist brochures and leaflets, presentation of Ljubljana and its region at tourism trade fairs and other marketing events, and the maintenance of the Visit Ljubljana tourism website, the official guide to Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.

Tourist information

Visitor information about the tourism offerings of and events held in Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region is provided by Ljubljana's Tourist Information Centres (TICs).


Ljubljana Tourism
Krekov trg 10, SI-1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 (0)1 306 45 83
F: +386 (0)1 306 45 94
E: info@visitljubljana.si

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Latest announcements

Tourist Tax in Ljubljana € 2.5 from 1 May 2018

Pursuant to the new Regulation on the Tourist Tax in the City of Ljubljana the amount of the tax will increase from the current € 1.265 to € 2.5. The Regulation enters into force on 1 May 2018.