Ljubljana Quality

Ljubljana Quality (LQ) is a trademark identifying the city's restaurants and small shops meeting high standards of quality in terms of choice on offer, service, and facilities.

Ljubljana Quality 2017

Within the framework of the Ljubljana Quality project, Ljubljana Tourism evaluates the tourism offerings every two years. The expert commission assesses the providers according to the carefully prepared criteria and the “mystery shopper” method.

The Ljubljana Quality (LQ) project is divided into two parts: assessment of restaurants and assessment of shops. The project comprises restaurants in Ljubljana and the Central Slovenia region and shops in Ljubljana city centre.

The expert commission assesses the providers according to carefully prepared criteria that are divided into four parts:

  • quality of the offerings,
  • quality of services,
  • tidiness of the premises,
  • and the price-quality ratio.

The highest-rated among them receive the Ljubljana Quality Mark 2017.

The expert commission assessed 89 gostilna-style restaurants and 10 cafés in Ljubljana, 21 restaurants from the other municipalities of the Central Slovenia region, and 200 shops in Ljubljana city centre.

This year's novelty is in awarding the local offering label Ljubljana Quality Local to all providers whose offering includes more than 50% of products originating from Slovenia. That year's assessment put a special emphasis on products or offerings with local content, because we notice that foreign and domestic visitors to Ljubljana ask for the local offerings. The Ljubljana Quality Local label was given to 35 shops.

The highest-rated restaurants are Strelec, Atelje, JB, Maxim, Slon 1552 and Restaurant Cubo.
The highest-rated shops are Galerija steklarne Rogaška (Rogaška Glassworks Showroom), Honey House, Piranske soline (Piran Saltworks), Kodre, Germ and Katarina Silk.

Assessment of restaurants LQ2017
Assessment of shops LQ2017

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