• Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism

    Ljubljana is the recipient of the Slovenia Green Destination Gold label, the highest category of certification for a green destination in Slovenia.

  • Ljubljana-style breakfast

    The Ljubljana-style breakfast, which is offered by various hotels and restaurants in the city, consists of foods that come from green supply chains in accordance with the principle “from local field to local table, to the guest”.

  • Green Supply Chains

    The aim of the Green Supply Chains project is to encourage the use of local ingredients by local tourism providers and more widely. A Locally Grown Food Exchange is held twice a year as part of this project.

  • Regional destination organization

    Ljubljana Tourism also functions as the regional destination organisation (tourist board) responsible for promoting and supporting the development of tourism in the wider Ljubljana region.

  • Cultural quarters of Ljubljana

    In collaboration with the inhabitants of various districts of the city and representatives of the creative sector, Ljubljana Tourism is working hard to promote the development of recognisable cultural and artistic quarters.