• The Ljubljana Rose

    Ljubljana boasts its own rose variety, one that bears its name. This white rose for “white Ljubljana” (as the city is poetically known) adorns city parks and other public areas and contributes to Ljubljana’s orderly and colourful appearance.

  • Flower baskets in Ljubljana’s Old Town

    Ljubljana’s Old Town boasts a special kind of floral decoration. Specially made metal baskets have been installed on the city’s decorative public lighting fixtures.

  • The WOW installation

    The WOW installation outside the Slovenian Tourist Information Centre has become a popular photo spot. At the same time it symbolically illustrates the character of Ljubljana and the Ljubljana region.

  • Themed cycle routes around Ljubljana

    The themed cycle routes were designed by the ZaMestoPoDveh group in conjunction with the City of Ljubljana, while Ljubljana Tourism participated in the marking of the routes.