Gault & Millau Ljubljana Quality Mark

As part of the Ljubljana Quality project, Ljubljana Tourism verifies the quality of the tourism offering and promotes the best that Ljubljana has to offer. Since 2019 the project has been run in conjunction with prestigious gastronomic guide Gault & Millau.

Experts from the Gault & Millau guide evaluate restaurants, other food establishments, shops, hotels, etc., in accordance with carefully prepared criteria and using anonymous reviewers who visit the establishment unannounced. Particular attention is paid to specific local elements that reflect an authentic character. The highest-rated establishments receive the Ljubljana Quality Mark.

In recent years Ljubljana has been experiencing a gastronomic boom that has attracted the attention of the international public. To reflect this, in 2019 Ljubljana Tourism decided to upgrade the Ljubljana Quality project through a collaboration with the internationally renowned gastronomic guide Gault & Millau. This prestigious guide, first published in France in 1972, is today present in more than 20 countries and is considered one of the leading institutions on the world gastronomic scene.

Recipients of the Ljubljana Quality Mark

Photo: Videomedia

Recipients of the Ljubljana Quality Mark show through their work that food production in Ljubljana is at a high level, that our food is safe and healthy, and that Slovenia – selected as the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 – is a country that successfully combines gastronomy with the principles of sustainable tourism.

Restaurants and inns

  • Restavracija Strelec
  • JB restavracija
  • Restavracija Maxim
  • Restavracija Atelje
  • Restavracija Evergreen
  • Gostilna As
  • Gostišče Grič
  • Restavracija Harfa
  • Restavracija Cubo

POP's (bars, tapas bars, cake shops, burger bars, etc.)

  • Bazilika bistro
  • Odprta kuhna
  • Kucha
  • Hood Burger - city centre
  • Dvorni bar

Food and beverage stores

  • Dobrote Dolenjske
  • Piranske soline
  • Kraševka
  • CHA
  • Pekarna Osem

Textile and jewelry stores

  • Kar=in
  • bebe'
  • Evil Eve
  • Zlatarski atelje Kodre
  • Čevljarstvo Mihoya
  • Pentlja Concept Store

Souvenir and gift shops

  • Slovenika
  • Fox Boutique
  • Huda kot poper
  • Devur
  • Laura etno galerija

Home improvement shops

  • IKA
  • Porcelain Catbriyur
  • Soven
  • JUHA Studio keramike
  • ID Doma