Green Supply Chains

The aim of the Green Supply Chains project is to encourage the use of local ingredients by local tourism providers and more widely. A Locally Grown Food Exchange is held twice a year as part of this project.

We began the project in 2015 with the aim of increasing the share of food and drink made with locally produced ingredients that are offered to tourists visiting Ljubljana. The effect has been to connect the city’s green hinterland, in which more than 800 farms supply the capital with their produce, with tourism providers in the city itself.

The goal of the project is to achieve sustainable effects, shorten supply chains and reduce carbon footprints while at the same time reducing the use of fertilisers and other chemicals and fostering the local small economy.

Locally Grown Food Exchange

Photo: RRA LUR

Since 2018, as part of this project, we have been organising the Locally Grown Food Exchange, which brings together local food producers with restaurateurs and hoteliers, representatives of primary schools and nurseries, and representatives of other public institutions in the Ljubljana Urban Region.

The Locally Grown Food Exchange builds on the Green Supply Chains project in a sustainable development context since it raises awareness of the importance of locally produced ingredients even outside the sphere of tourism.

In 2018 Ljubljana Tourism won the Moving Forward award for the Locally Grown Food Exchange. The award, which honours the best improvement in public administration, was presented during the Slovenian Public Administration Days organised by the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Public Administration.

Ljubljana Tourism organises the Locally Grown Food Exchange in conjunction with the City of Ljubljana’s Environmental Protection Department, the Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region, the Ljubljana Agriculture and Forestry Institute and EKOmeter.

Ljubljana-style breakfast

Dishes originating from green supply chains also make up the Ljubljana-style breakfast offered by various hotels and restaurants.

Ljubljana-style breakfast