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  • 100 SLOVENIAN 1

    Get to know Slovenia through the eyes of comedian and musician whom will take your through our history and traditional stereotypes.

  • DSC5664

    Participants will learn versatile skills such as a sense of balance, focus, flow, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. As better balance requires a specific mindset this is also an excellent training for higher brain efficiency, better creativity and stress management.

  • GEOSS 5

    The adventure park invites you to lift yourself off the ground and head for a true travel between treetops.

  • Rudnik Mezica kolesarjenje 3

    People usually seek mountain biking enjoyment on mountain trails, but what we have found is a passage through the mountains along the mysterious tunnels of an abandoned mine under Mount Peca in northern Slovenia.

  • Vintage Slovenia 1

    Theme parties bringing back to life the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s (i.e. the Great Geatsby, Prohibition, Grease), or dance performances to suit any occasion, can be arranged.

  • Slovenia Through time

    Discover the time of the Romans, Carinthia, Napoleon’s and the Austro-Hungarian reign, the late Yugoslavia and modern Slovenia with your team in a fun way.

  • Koren Sports Srednjeveske igre III

    A day of fun and various entertaining activities including archery, jousting, a tug-of-war, sword fighting, dancing with the “princess,”. . .go back to the Middle Ages with us.


    The Quest for the Dragon’s Nest is a modern-day treasure hunt and it takes place in Ljubljana’s Old Town with the help of a smart phone app and special GPS box.

  • Iska Adventure Vstop v skrivnosti podzemlja III

    Discover a natural treasure hidden in the depths below the earth's surface, where our modern world can't reach us.

  • Predjama Castle miha Krivi

    The Castle offers a variety of team activities as well as a perfect venue for medieval knight games and medieval feasts.

  • cooking class2

    By joining the workshop participants learn how to prepare authentic and traditional dishes on a culinary journey across Slovenia.

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