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'Taste Ljubljana' Culinary Tour

Get to know the different faces and stories of culinary Ljubljana and find out why, as the poet says, 'Long for its dishes Ljubljana's been known'.


Turizem Ljubljana


Krekov trg 10
1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 (0)1 306 44 51


Spletna stran: https://www.visitljubljana.com



This guided culinary tour including everything from a visit to the Central Market to tasting sessions of typical local dishes offers you an insight into Ljubljana's culinary diversity. You will visit five different styles of restaurants and taste five different dishes and five different drinks. To learn about their ingredients and their source, you will visit the Central Market and take a good quarter of an hour's easy walk to Krakovo, an area of gardens traditionally occupied by the local vegetable growers, who still supply their produce to some of the stalls at the Central Market today.

Your guide will also show you the historical city centre's locations where food trading and culinary-related activities used to take place in the past and take you to the top of Nebotičnik, once the tallest building in Central Europe and today one of the city's most prominent icons. While enjoying your tasty tour, you will learn a lot about Ljubljana and its dynamic history and vibrant modern life.

Highlights of the programme:

  • visit of the Central Market
  • local vegetable growers
  • taste of 5 dishes & 5 drinks
Best time of the year All year round                                       
Minimum / Maximum number of participants: 10-30
Duration 3 hours
Distance from Ljubljana 0 km
Where? Ljubljana City Centre