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The lake of Podpeško jezero

The Podpeč Lake is a small, but in many ways special natural pearl on the edge of the Ljubljana Marshes. It is small, almost completely round but very deep (up to 51 meters), filled with water coming from seven karst springs located below the forest nearby. From the lake, the water flows underground through a deep sinkhole.

Popular hiking point

In summer time, there is a small bathing site arranged at the lake. There is also a pleasant restaurant with delicious Slovenian dishes. Fishing is also permitted. Fishermen can catch large carp, pike, chub, tench, bass and bighead carps. You can also fish in winter, since the lake is rarely covered with ice.

View from St. Anne Church and other hiking trails

From the Jezero settlement, there lead two mountain trails to Planinca and more remote Krim. However, the ascent to the peak of St. Anne hill nearby is significantly less demanding (just over 30 min of walking). The picturesque pilgrimage Church of St. Anne offers a beautiful vista of the Ljubljana Marshes, hilly areas of the central Slovenia and the Slovenian Alps rising in the distance. The St. Anne hill is one of the most popular photo sites in the central Slovenia.

Fishing permits are available for purchase from the Ribiška družina Barje fishing club + 386 (0)1 429 11 15, e@rdbarje.si) or online from the Ribiške karte web portal.