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Županova jama cave

Županova jama, the most beautiful underground cave in the Dolenjska region, is located near the village of Cerovo, just off the Grosuplje-Turjak side road and only 700 metres away from another attraction of the area, a fortified historical church known as Tabor. The Županova jama cave complex was discovered in 1926 by the then mayor of Šentjur, Josip Perme. Before his discovery, the locals were only familiar with one of the cave's chambers, which they used as an ice pit. The 330-metre long cave complex extends to a depth of 122 metres. It can be accessed via 478 stairs and a 600-metre long pathway. Besides six chambers, it contains all the curiosities of karst caves, including abysses, tunnels, all kinds of dripstones, shallow calcerous sinter pools, and ice dripstones in winter.

Cave tours for groups of more than five people guided in Slovenian and English are available all year round by prior appointment. To arrange a time, please call +386 (0)1 786 13 23 or +386 (0)41 407 705. The tour takes about an hour.

Information: TD Županova jama tourism society



Cave tours weekends and public holidays at 15:00.


Cerovo 9 1290 Grosuplje

Phone: +386 (0)41 407 705

Web site: Županova jama cave